About Us

Thank you for checking out 2 Chicks & a Basket! We actually started out as co-workers in the corporate world. We became friends and realized we both enjoyed being creative/artistic.

We spent our free time (if there is such a thing when you have small children) crafting or scrap-booking and would bounce new ideas off each other all the time. We gathered up all of the stuff we had made and headed out to a few craft shows. We did pretty well with that so we decided to be courageous and start our own small business. After that, we opened our online store and the rest is history...

Both of us reside in a small town in northwestern Pennsylvania (the leaves are AMAZING here in the fall). We have been fortunate enough to have traveled to many wonderful places and can honestly say that our little corner of the world is one of the most beautiful places we have ever been.

We are both moms and when we aren't busy filling orders, we enjoy spending time with our families. Over the years, we have gone from creating on our kitchen tables to owning a large workshop.

Thank you so very much for your support and for helping to make our dream of entrepreneurship come true!

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Cutting Boards Listed!

September 24, 2016

We are excited to finally have our cutting boards ready for sale!!  After making several of these and trying to...

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Cutting Boards

August 13, 2016

We have been loving the world of laser engraving and started experimenting with cutting boards this summer.   We don't...

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